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The happy accident. Created to be the best body, face and hair cleanser ever. Full of great stuff to make sure your hair is squeaky clean, your face is clean but not dry and the perfect clean for your body. We procure goat's milk from local farmers, cook it down ourselves and combine it with shea butter, argan oil (organic), coconut oil, oat protein and sometimes fragrance. A few other things pull it all together and you can check that out under ingredients. We try our best to be open, honest, good friends to each other and the world we live in. We are far from perfect but we certainly try. The best part about Burly Barz, no boundaries, everyone loves them. Burly Dudes, Not so Burly Dudes, Gals, Kids, Old Folks, even man's best friend, it doesn't matter. Can't help what we love!


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